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Junzo Kawai

Industry Titan Passes

Junzo Kawai lead SunTour. SunTour innovated and provided high quality components at affordable prices. They gave us something better than elite, often expensive, and occasionally defective, European components. They made the bike boom possible.

Nobuo Ozaki at SunTour invented the slant rear derailer, which shifted better than anything before. We still use the design.

We still use and value old SunTour rear derailers for proven durability and smoothness.

Before his death, Junzo Kawai gave rebirth to SunTour as SunXCD. May his vision prosper.

Not so much the every second counts world of competitive bicycling, but exploring the wonderful outdoor world at a pace that you set yourself, where the focus in on how much fresh air you get in your lungs, not how ultra-modern your equipment is. It is time that that type of bicycling gets the spotlight.


removable aluminum alloy rear derailer hanger

Plain aluminum alloy cleans easier, shows scratches less, and better reveals damage.

Paint on a derailer hanger causes harm. It blocks inspecting for cracks. It blocks dyeing. Any color on a hanger causes harm.

Cable guide

See this too often.misaligned cable guide

Front derailer cables move little, but enough to score steel frames, and enough to damage carbon frames.

Block the front derailer, slack the shifter, loosen the cable guide retaining bolt, align the cable and guide, tension the cable, then tighten the bolt.

SunTour Superbe (2100

On this particular example every single bolt head and allen key socket has been chewed as if by some crazed, chrome-eating beaver. This illustrates a rule known to all bicycle mechanics – that ace racing cyclists think they are ace bicycle mechanics but, in fact, athletic prowess and mechanical sympathy are mutually exclusive.

Next time you observe an accomplished cycling star eschewing a ring spanner in favour of the open-ended variety, using a screwdriver as a chisel or tightening a nut with a pair of pliers, remember all those adverts you see claiming that this or that product was developed using the expertise of that or this professional racing team – and thank your lucky stars that the claim is only so much marketing bullshit. — Michael Sweatman