Chain length

Measure four times, cut once.

  1. Front derailer over largest chainring
  2. Rear derailer not aligned with largest cog
  3. Front end of chain on largest chainring away from crank arm
  4. Chain over and around largest cog, not through rear derailer
  5. Lower span of chain brought around largest chainring to meet front end of chain
  6. Mark chain one to two (1–2) inches longer than meeting as suits join
  7. Thread chain through rear derailer
  8. Shift rear derailer to largest cog and place chain on largest cog
  9. Check chain length
    • Chain line through rear derailer not straight
  10. Shift rear derailer to smallest cog and place chain on smallest cog
  11. Check chain length
    • Rear axle and rear derailer pulley axles align in a straight vertical line
  12. Shift front derailer to smallest chainring and place chain on smallest chainring
  13. Check chain length


  • Front derailer limits set
  • Front derailer cable taut
  • Rear derailer limits set
  • Rear derailer cable taut


  • Chain breaker
  • Twist tie (recommended)


  • Clean cassette and chain rings
  • Clean and lubricate derailers
  • Clean and lubricate derailer cables


  • Rear hub adjusted
  • Rear derailer hanger aligned
  • Bottom bracket adjusted
  • Front derailer aligned


  • Front derailer fine aligned
  • Adjust shifting
    • Fine adjust rear derailer limits
    • Adjust rear derailer cable tension
    • Fine adjust front derailer limits
    • Adjust front derailer cable tension

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