Rock “N” Roll Cable Magic: clean all cables, then use this (drip Tri-Flow where this won’t flow).

Rock “N” Roll Gold Chain Lube

No dry threads on a bicycle (except plastic).


Tri-Flow wets pivots, cables, and small threads very well. Also useful as a penetrating oil.

Phil Wood Tenacious great when applying grease would take too long, like brake barrel adjusters.


Finish Line Grease doesn’t attract dirty, doesn’t move, great on threads (apply to both surfaces), great for press fit

Park PPL-1

Park ASC-1 for dissimilar metals, especially bottom brackets, pedals, seat posts, and quill stems. Apply to both surfaces.


Park SAC-2 when carbon seat posts and stems won’t hold (put lightly on one surface only)

Palm Labs Thread lock
The following threads must have thread lock:

  • Brake mounts: caliper, canti, v, and disc
  • Disc rotor, six bolt
  • Rear shock mount
  • Stem face plate (bar clamp)
  • Fork crown assembly
  • French & Italian bottom bracket drive side cups

Apply the thread lock to the receiving thread.

Do not get grease or oil on carbon fiber, but if you must get grease near carbon, use Park PPL-1.

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