The most important things on a bicycle:
  1. The rider
  2. The brakes
  3. The lights

A driver cannot see a front reflector until it’s much too late.

You need a good front light.

You can also use a good LED flashlight — bright and long-lasting. And double-sided Velcro: put a loop around the light through a loop around the handlebar. A bit of old inner tube will limit slipping.

Have a rear reflector on the bike. Big, oblong, amber, and below the top of the tire works better.

Clip a rear light to your back pocket, belt, or waistband.

Always take your lights with you. You never know how late you’ll head home.

Always remove the lights when you park the bike.

Enjoy the night.

Headlight Beams by Peter White

When More Visible ≠ Safer: Target Fixation by Jan Heine

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