Tube change

  1. Put bike in work stand
  2. Deflate tire
  3. Open rim brake
  4. Remove wheel from bicycle
  5. Deflate tire
  6. Push tire beads in from rim
  7. Lift right bead over right edge of rim using at least two tires levers, far from valve but not at seam
  8. Remove right bead of tire from rim
  9. Pull most tube from tire, but not valve
  10. Lift left bead over right edge of rim
  11. Remove tire and tube from wheel
  12. Keep wheel, tire, and tube aligned with valve at top and right side out
  13. Inflate tube and check for leaks, especially on inside surface


  • Replacement tube
  • Rim tape or strip
  • Tools

  • Tires levers, two or three
  • Compressor or pump
  • Pressure gauge
  • Tweezers or pick
  • Clean rag


  • Tire talc


  • Wheel true
  • Hub adjust


  • Tube sealant
  • Brake adjust


Mounting Tires on Rims with Deep Wells by Jan Heine

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