Enjoy the ride.

Ride on the road.

Go in the same direction as cars.

Ride at least four feet from parked cars: doors swing open suddenly.



Don’t get close to the curb.

Ride the center of the lane at narrow intersections.

Have a good front light.

Don’t block your ears.

Have two brakes. The front one will stop you quicker. (but)

Learn to look over your shoulders without turning the bike.

Have a good lock.

Have a good saddle.

Use the easiest comfortable gear.

Get off the saddle over bumps.

Wear gloves.

Have good tires.

At stops, make room for cars turning from behind you.

Point out hazards to other cyclists.

Remember the fun you had as a kid wandering around on your bicycle? Do that. Make u-turns. Take the scenic route. Look at things. Have fun.

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