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Riding to Forest Road 6700

Off The Beaten Path


There are many reasons to plan a ride. In this case, we had been looking at a map. We found Forest Road 6700, and it looked like it could provide an alternative to Highway 2 on the way from Stevens Pass to Leavenworth (below).


It had everything we could ask for: gravel (which means little traffic), a lot of squiggles (challenging climbs and descents), and the promise of wonderful mountain scenery. The plan was quickly put together. Ryan and I would meet at 2:30 a.m. We wanted to get an early start, so we’d reach Forest Road 6700 while the day was still young.


We headed out of town on familiar roads. By the time the sun was up, we already were far from Seattle. We climbed the Skykomish River valley on the approach to Stevens Pass.


Even though we were eager to get to the pass and explore the…

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The Perfect Commuter Bike

Recently, I took a break from riding my Surly Long Haul Trucker because it was just too dirty to ride. Every time I touched the bike I deposited dirt somewhere on my person. I washed it over the weekend (OK, Felkerino washed it over the weekend) and now it’s too clean to ride.

In the interim, I dusted off my Bike Friday Pocket Rocket and have been tooling around on it instead. I really like my Bike Friday, but spending the week on the Pocket Rocket made me realize why I hop on my Surly LHT almost every day for my commute.

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