The greatest retail institution
by James Moore, president, National Bicycle Dealers Association
Uplifting, great writing about the business. Read and share widely.
Shop Class as Soulcraft
by Mathhew B Crawford
Highly recommended.
The Cyclist’s Manifesto
by Robert Hurst
Delightfully realistic (except the bit about sharrows) and enjoyably snarky
My Cool Bike
by Chris Haddon and Lyndon McNeil
Very enjoyable read with excellent photos and good small stories about people and their bikes.
Bicycles & Tricycles: an Elementary Treatise on Their Design and Construction
by Archibald Sharp
The old testament: excellent introduction to bicycle engineering.
Barnett’s manual
The new testament: well thought, detailed service instructions. Almost always right, tedious to read, and the best manual available.
Wheel Truing and Repair
How to fix a wheel. Learn this. Ban spot-truing. Even and correct spoke tension makes the biggest difference to wheel durability.

When building a bicycle wheel there is nothing more important than even spoke tension. A finished wheel with even tension substantially increases longevity and decreases maintenance in a wheel’s life, as opposed to a wheel that is true with substantial tension variance. — The Wheel Department

Wheel Tension Balance
Park Tool
Bicycle Wheel Spoke Patterns and Spoke Fatigue [pdf]
by Henri P Gavin
How to Fit a Bicycle
by Peter Jon White
Clear, no-nonsense advise on fitting.
Thinking About Your Ride
by Calvin Jones
Are You Really Ready for the BSE Exam?
What I use to interview potential hires.
BSE Level 2 Exam Outline
Bicycle Quarterly
Always enjoyable, often definitive. (contributors)
Delavier’s Core Training Anatomy
by Frédéric Delavier and Michael Gundill
Simply the best work I have read on abdominal muscles.
The Man Who Loved Bicycles
by Daniel Behrman
10 Bullets
by Tom Sachs
Leading Out Retail
by Donny Perry
Reinventing the Wheel
by Chris Zane
Just Ride
by Grant Petersen
The manual for the unracer: convincing reason to stop fussing, just ride — and enjoy.
Need for the Bike
by Paul Fournel
Delightful, masterful writing on the joys of riding.
Biking Through the ‘Hoods: Exploring Fifty American Cities by Bicycle
by Paul Pinsky
Walking the Beach to Bellingham
by Harvey Manning
A Certain Bicyclist
by Paul Niquette

Upgrading Older Road Bicycles
by Sheldon Brown
Mechanics, Linear Algebra and the Bicycle
A Look at the Bicycle Industry’s Vital Statistics
2012 – National Bicycle Dealers Association
Words to not use

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