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But Adonia Lugo‘s words have a place here:

It’s important to recognize that what ruffles feathers isn’t a “perception” of eurocentric thinking; it’s a real domination of eurocentric thinking in bicycle policy, planning, and advocacy. Eurocentric thinking is the norm in those circles, with PeopleForBikes taking politicians on study tours to Copenhagen and a number of planning schools doing the same with their students. Over and over, in many ways, advocates tell themselves and the public that European cycling is best, and we’d better follow suit. This reinforces the invisibility of people making bicycling work around the United States today, people who don’t have the privilege or resources to offer competing visions centered in their own realities. We are all affected by eurocentric thinking, just as we are all affected by racism. It’d be great to see more bike advocates display some self-awareness around this.

The image of Copenhagen matters, both as an image of fun: bicycling is not all sweat and spandex; but also as a misleading fantasy.
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