Basic home maintenance gives a smoother and safer ride. And reduces the cost of repairs.

After riding on a wet surface, open rim brakes, floss the brake pads, and wipe the rims, or wipe the disc rotors. An old washcloth works well.

Moisture helps grit stick to the brake pads. The grit wears everything down. Getting it off improves braking and helps things last longer.

If your chain looks dirty, clean it. Dirt in your chain wears it out. Dirt on your chain wears the gears. If you use a solvent to clean the chain, you must use a lubricant after. Don’t use WD-40, 3-in-One, or motor oil. A one-step clean and lube like Rock-n-Roll works well.

If the gears look dirty, clean them too. And the rear derailer pulleys get really gunky.

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