The elite place

Portalnd has become the elite place it alway wanted to be.
So goes the nation.

The Distance Between Bike Economics And Social Justice by Adonia Lugo

It seems like the bike movement, or at least its policy arm, has decided that their goal of getting more people on bikes is not in conflict with the goal of making urban neighborhoods more expensive, […].

Upper class cycling culture and the demise of Portland’s bike movement by Elly Blue
Where she writes about bicycles and Portland, read broadly, very broadly.

back to Adonia:

If influential people have decided who, exactly, they want to attract to cycling, maybe the question we should be asking is if you build it, who will be replaced? The drive to bring in desirables leaves aside the question of who gets categorized as undesirable. I wonder if an unspoken goal of bike advocates uncomfortable with race, class, and cultural difference is to create urban zones free of these problems by simply vanishing, through the unquestionably objective means of the market, people unlike themselves. After all, using urban planning to rid cities of undesirables is nothing new.

back to Elly: How to Bike While Rich by Elly Blue

But Elly…you’re talking about ME!

Stuff That White People Like: #61 Bicycles

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