Junzo Kawai

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Junzo Kawai lead SunTour. SunTour innovated and provided high quality components at affordable prices. They gave us something better than elite, often expensive, and occasionally defective, European components. They made the bike boom possible.

Nobuo Ozaki at SunTour invented the slant rear derailer, which shifted better than anything before. We still use the design.

We still use and value old SunTour rear derailers for proven durability and smoothness.

Before his death, Junzo Kawai gave rebirth to SunTour as SunXCD. May his vision prosper.

Not so much the every second counts world of competitive bicycling, but exploring the wonderful outdoor world at a pace that you set yourself, where the focus in on how much fresh air you get in your lungs, not how ultra-modern your equipment is. It is time that that type of bicycling gets the spotlight.

Ukrainian meals

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Above: One of the finest meals presented to us, prepared by my mother’s godfather’s granddaughter, who visited us in the US in the early 1990′s.  Her grandfather was very close with my grandfather, as they emigrated to the United States together through Germany, during and after WWII.  

Between Amsterdam and Lviv, Lael and I dined and drank almost exclusively on the ground.  We purchased food in markets and in small town shops, and ate in parks and high atop hills.  We pointed at cheeses and meats and pronounced new words to taste the local flavors, ranging from fresh cheeses to the popular packaged snacks of the country.  In each place, we discover favorite in-season produce, packaged cookies, or alcoholic libations.  Cheeses and sausages change subtly between places, but they change.  Wine gets better or worse, depending upon your proximity to France, Italy, and Spain; while vodka gets better depending…

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Seat Height — How hard can it be? by Steve Hogg

Single most succinct and insightful statement about fitting:

Focus on the velocity of extension of the rear of the knee under significant load. That velocity should be constant, if you see even the tinniest flicker of acceleration at the rear of the knee before the bottom of the pedal stroke, then the rider is losing control of the motion and is too high; at least on that side.

Look at your customer long and hard, especially for movement of the pelvis.


If your fitter is only viewing one side of your body, call a halt and go elsewhere.

Perspectives on Fitting by Steve Hogg